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Brand: Delaluz Model: Delaluz
Biolance Waterfull Cleansing PackA porbiotics cleansing foam that softly washes out fine dust & foreign substances from your face without irritation with its silky bubbles and makes your skin moist with its natural ester oil & patented moisturizing ingredients..
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Brand: Delaluz Model: Delaluz
from; sea bubble pado packA wash-off face mask and expoliator for sensitive skin that its fine & dense bubbles cares pores cleanly and its natural ingredient gommage mildly removes dead skin to make the skin soft & moist..
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Glutathione Green Active Cleansing Oil
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Brand: Delaluz Model: Delaluz
Glutathione Green Active Cleansing OilMinimum green energy cleansing oil based on soybean oil that cleanly removes makeup with vegetable oil adheres to the skin and forms a moist moisture protection barrier..
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